Why Choose Our Well Services

When you have problems with your water well you want to hire someone you can trust. If your submersible pump or jet pump has failed, you need competent help from someone that won’t drive up your well pump replacement cost. You deserve to have quality parts with minimal labor so the problem is solved without breaking your budget

Need Service?

There are many ways in which a well pump and the related equipment can malfunction, and many reasons for each malfunction to occur; so inevitably, pumps and motors wear out and fail leaving you in a difficult situation at the exact wrong time. So the next time you experience one of these problems

  •  No water in your house or business
  •  No water for your irrigation system
  •  Odd pump noise that’s hard to explain
  •  Pump won’t start running
  •  Pump won’t stop running
  •  Pump starts too often
  •  Low water pressure
  •  Cloudy water that clears from the bottom up
  •  Sump pump failure
  •  Pressure tank failure
  •  Electrical system failure
  •  Loss of vacuum/suction
  •  Leak in pump, tank or water line
  •  Pressure switch is malfunctioning

Call us. We’ll troubleshoot the problem and resolve it for you with quality materials and service. This process generally involves inspecting the many parts of the pump and equipment for signs of damage or improper functioning, and often a diagnosis is made through the process of elimination. But relax, there's a method to the madness.

Bottom Line

At A & T well pump service, we are proud to offer an extensive array of pump repairs. We also provide knowledgeable advisement for your specific situation. Your project is always customized to meet your needs, and we guarantee the job is done right the first time


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